1st Week in Ordinary Time : Wednesday 15th January 2020

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Lord, help us to discern your will in our life

1st Week in Ordinary Time : Wednesday 15th January 2020

1 Sam. 3:1-10,19-20; Ps. 40(39):2,5,7-9,10; Mk. 1:29-39 (Ps Wk I)

In the cure of Simon’s mother-in-law, Jesus took her hand and helped her up, which symbolizes Jesus ‘raising’ a paralyzed humanity from their sins.

As ‘she began to wait on them’ the symbolism is that the believer raised from sin, is commissioned to serve others. Indeed, by our good example as followers of Jesus, we will reveal to others that we are the ‘Risen People’ who are at the service of all.

The more critical message/reminder drawn from the Gospel passage is the essence of ‘prayer’ which Jesus Himself did. While the disciples were searching for Jesus, He was at prayer — a time to be in communion with God, discerning God’s plan for Him. It is in the context of ‘prayer that we recognize God’s will. Prayer strengthens us to submit ourselves to God’s will for His people.

Often we are so engrossed with the daily activities that we lose sight of God’s plan in our lives.

God continues to call us to be God’s co-creators wherever we are. It is evident in the First reading, wherein Samuel heard God’s calling him. He was uncertain of the source of that ‘Voice’ and referred to Eli. Likewise, we need a companion who can help us discern God’s will in our life.

 “Lord, lead and guide us in Your Way through the Holy Spirit.”

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