19th Week in Ordinary Time : Friday 14th August 2020

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St Maximilian Kolbe, priest & martyr

19th Week in Ordinary Time : Friday 14th August 2020

Ez. 16:1-15,6-,63; (or Ez. 16:59-63);
(R. Ps): Is. 12:2-3,4,5-6; Mt. 19:3-12 (Ps Wk III)

Ezekiel painted a very moving and sentimental picture of Israel’s relationship with God. She was cared for tenderly from the time she was an infant, and on through childhood and young adulthood. She became a beautiful woman and God delighted in her. But she was unfaithful, turning away and pursuing lovers.

This is really a parable of human ingratitude towards God. But even after all this, God will take her back and restore her to favour. God does not give up on us. Let us continually count how God has blessed us and shown us kindness, and let us vow to be faithful.

Divorce is a difficult human situation. It shatters families and breaks hearts. Jesus insisted that marriage is not just a convenient arrangement, but something sacred. He elevated marriage to a very high level, pointing out that it is a very spiritual and noble undertaking.

But humans are weak, and many factors can conspire to destroy a marriage. No one is obliged to remaining a violent or abusive relationship, and some are not psychologically capable of entering into marriage.

Jesus acknowledged that not everyone would be able to accept or live up to this goal, but he encouraged all to try their best. This applies to every relationship and situation. We should always do our utmost to make them work. Staying power, perseverance, and patience are the best tools one can use.

Lord, help me always to be faithful.

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