18th Week in Ordinary Time : Friday 6th August 2021

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18th Week in Ordinary Time : Friday 6th August 2021

Dan. 7:9-10,13-14 or 2 Pt. 1:16-19;
Ps. 96:1-2,5-6,9; Mk. 9:2-10 (Ps Wk II)

The transfiguration of Jesus takes place near the end of Jesus’ public ministry, and we get a glimpse into the very near future – Jesus’ death and resurrection.

Jesus leads three of his disciples, Peter, James and John, into the memorable scene of the transfiguration and the astounding events unfold before their eyes. “He was transfigured before them,” and “his clothes became dazzlingly white.” Peter responded by saying that “it is wonderful for us to be here.” And the cloud, the ancient sign of the very presence of God, overshadowed them, and they heard the voice, “This is my beloved Son, listen to him.”

What a special moment for them and for us who receive the promise of ultimate glory from Jesus through God’s generous love.

We usually think of the “glory” of Jesus when the transfiguration is associated with his resurrection. The truth is that it is both the suffering/death of Jesus and the resurrection. They represent the glory the Son has received from the Father.

Our lives are filled with experiences that we could describe as transfigurations: think of the birth of a child; honours coming from the hard work of getting an education; truly enjoying the benefits of good health.

Our lives are also filled with crucifixion experiences: the loss of a job or economic instability; the loss of a loved one to death; and the pain of illness. The same glory shines through both of these real-life situations if we but let it in, and in so doing, we let Christ in at ever-deeper levels of our lives.

Lord, help us to be transfigured in Your love.

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