16th Week in Ordinary Time : Wednesday 21st July 2021

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St Lawrence of Brindisi, priest & doctor

16th Week in Ordinary Time : Wednesday 21st July 2021

Ex. 16:1-5,9-15; Ps. 77:18-19,23-24,25-26,27-28;
Mt. 13:1-9 (Ps Wk IV)

Even after the many signs and wonders, God revealed that the Israelites still lacked faith during the Exodus. When the excitement had worn off, and they found themselves in a hostile environment without much food and water, they began to complain and doubt. It is easy to be prayerful and faith-filled when everything goes well, but we can feel alone and helpless when facing tough challenges. Many lose their faith during bad times, feeling bitterness towards God. God provided the Israelites with manna and quail — just enough for each day. This taught them to trust, for they were not to store up food except on the day before Sabbath. God gives us what we need, not necessarily what we want.

Why do some people respond to the Word of God with faith and transformed lives, while others seem uninterested or unable to persevere? The Parable of the sower tells all: the seed is sown equally on all; its growth depends on the soil’s quality. The seed must be nourished and tended. Soil that is hard and lacking nutrients will prevent the seed from taking root and growing. Shallow soil will not sustain much growth. Rich, deep soil yields a bountiful crop. So, it is with us — what sort of soil do we provide for the seed of God’s Word/Prayer? Good works, kindness, and service provide the perfect nutrients. A fruitful spiritual harvest depends on our cooperation with God.

Lord, may Your Word yield a rich harvest in my soul.

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