16th Week in Ordinary Time : Friday 23rd July 2021

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Lord, help me to live a fruitful life, focused on you

16th Week in Ordinary Time : Friday 23rd July 2021

Ex. 20:1-17; Ps. 18:8,9,10,11;
Mt.13:18-23 (Ps Wk IV)

The focus of today’s readings is on the Word of God. The Exodus reading is about the 10 Commandments. Today’s Responsorial Psalm reflects on “the law of the Lord … the rule of the Lord … the precepts of the Lord … the command of the Lord … and the decrees of the Lord” (vv 7-9). Finally, it is about “the word of the Kingdom of heaven” (Mt 13:19).

What do we do when we read God’s Word? Do we read it as a duty? Do we read it meditatively-contemplatively to put it inside our heart as a treasure? Do we read it to know how to listen to God’s voice? Do we read it intellectually to be able to understand and obey God? Do we read it to share it with others so that they too will be enriched and encouraged?

The ten commandments (Exodus 20:3-17) were given to help God’s people lead a life of holiness. A life that puts God first and a life that builds true community.

The Responsorial Psalm reminds us of the importance of knowing and living by God’s Word because “it revives the soul … gives wisdom to the simple … gladden the heart … gives light to the eyes …”.

In the Gospel, Jesus tells of the one “who hears the Word and understands it” (v 23), and in understanding, the person yields a harvest and produces “now a hundredfold, now sixty, now thirty” (v 23). In short, the person lives a fruitful life.

Lord, You have the message of eternal life.

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