15th Sunday in Ordinary Time (A) : 12th July 2020

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Lord, help us be faithful sowers of the word

15th Sunday in Ordinary Time (A) : 12th July 2020

Is. 55:10-11; Ps. 64:10-11,12-13,14;
Rom. 8:18-23; Mt. 13:1-23 (or 1-9) (Ps Wk III)

The scripture readings and psalm this Sunday contain images from nature. In the first reading, the prophet Isaiah likens the rain and snow to the word of God. Just the falling rain and snow help provide water and moisture to the ground that is essential for the growth and yielding of a bountiful harvest, the word of God too, says the prophet, will serve its purpose so that the will of God is fulfilled.

The psalmist too rejoices at God’s goodness with images of nature. God cares for the earth and blesses it with all that is necessary for the wheat to grow and the harvest to flourish. It is also God who prepares and nourishes the soil, which in turn produces the fruits. The hills rejoice, the sheep graze on the meadow, and the valley is filled with wheat. Nature is in itself, proclaims the wonderful deeds of God.

But we are reminded by St. Paul that creation has its limitations. It cannot flourish and grow forever. This is why, he says, creation is groaning as it waits for the final removal of chaos and the restoration to wholeness by God.

This is why the work of proclaiming the Good News of salvation has to go on. In the parable, Jesus uses images from nature to help his disciples that they should not be discouraged if they do not see results but to keep sowing the Good News. When we persevere in faith, the seed that we sow will land on good soil and will achieve enormous results.

Lord, help us be faithful sowers of the word.

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