15th Week in Ordinary Time : Saturday 16th July 2022

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Our Lady of Mount Carmel

15th Week in Ordinary Time : Saturday 16th July 2022

Mic. 2:1-5; Ps. 9:22-23,24-25,28-29,35;
Mt. 12:14-21 (Ps Wk III)

In today’s Gospel text, we read how Jesus deals with the hostility of the Pharisees as they conspire against Him, how to destroy Him! Chilling words indeed, as all that Jesus has been doing is advocate justice and proclaim quietly a message of love that sets people free. Jesus departs and continues His preaching and healing ministry elsewhere, and He orders His followers not to make Him known.

The evangelist Matthew recalls the prophecy of Isaiah about the suffering servant: the one endowed with the spirit of God, the chosen one, the beloved, the favourite of the soul of Yahweh, the gentle and compassionate one that Jesus applies to Himself (Is.42:1-4).

“He is my chosen one, who pleases me.” (Is. 42:1).

Today is also the Optional Memorial of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. The Carmelites were known as “Brothers and Sisters of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.” The title suggests that they saw Mary not only as “mother” but also as “sister.” The word sister is a reminder that Mary is very close to us. She is the daughter of God and can help us be authentic daughters and sons of God. She can help us grow in appreciation of being sisters and brothers to one another. She leads us to a new realisation that all human beings belong to the family of God. When such a conviction grows, there is hope that the human race can find its way to peace.

May the intercession of the glorious Virgin Mary come to our aid, we pray, O Lord.

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