15th Week in Ordinary Time : Monday 11th July 2022

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St Benedict, abbot

15th Week in Ordinary Time : Monday 11th July 2022

Is. 1:10-17; Ps. 49:8-9,16bc-17,21 and 23;
Mt. 10:34—11:1 (Ps Wk III)

Isaiah’s words today are a potent reminder that our thoughts may not be God’s thoughts or God’s ways. Nowadays, we do not have any basic concept of sacrifice, especially the sacrifice of animals to God.

However, in earlier ages, people easily believed that such sacrifices would win them divine favour. Though we live in a different world with a religious culture quite different from Isaiah’s, what he has to say is always significant. There should never be any dichotomy between religion and justice. The other prophets, particularly Amos, also preached this message. If we still have not got the message, we must reflect on whether we are truly sensitive to God’s demanding yet liberating truth.

“Cease doing evil; learn to do good.” If accepted unconditionally, such a simple formula could advance the cause of a peaceful and just world.

When the prophet calls upon us to cease doing evil, there is a strong condemnation that what we do is evil. When he calls upon us to learn to do good, perhaps he implies that doing good is not something that comes immediately and spontaneously; rather, it must be learned.

Lord, may our efforts in the service of justice be pleasing to You.

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