13th Week in Ordinary Time : Tuesday 28th June 2022

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St Irenaeus, bishop and martyr

13th Week in Ordinary Time : Tuesday 28th June 2022

Am. 3:1-8; 4:11-12; Ps. 5:5-6,7,8;
Mt. 8:23-27 (Ps Wk I)

The prophets of ancient Israel were always trying to convince the people to return to the ways of the Lord, and they often used fear and threats. When disasters occurred, they interpreted them as God’s punishment. Today, we see God in a different way – God is not in the business of punishing and destroying. When we do not walk in God’s ways – when we sin – we create our own punishment, the natural consequences of our actions. We should not blame God. The negativity that we see in the world results from a massive lack of love, and the cure is apparent. Each of us can contribute to the healing of society.

Fear is a very human reaction, especially to physical danger. But the Gospel insists that fear is not an option for those who live in Christ. Jesus is sleeping, blissfully unconcerned with the storm raging on the sea. When His terrified disciples finally rouse Him from sleep, He rebukes them for their lack of faith. It is clear from the story that Jesus is in charge of the sea, and the wind obeys Him. Faith is powerful, but fear is something that can corrode and weaken faith. Surrounding ourselves with faith and love is a powerful tool for living joyfully and peacefully in our troubled world. We have a guarantee that we will never be separated from the Lord.

Lord, increase my faith.

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