10th Week in Ordinary Time : Thursday 9th June 2022

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St Ephrem, deacon and doctor

10th Week in Ordinary Time : Thursday 9th June 2022

1 Kgs. 18:41-46; Ps. 64:10abcd-11,
12-13; Mt. 5:20-26 (Ps Wk II)

When are we most insulting to others? When we are angry! When are we most likely to kill? When our hearts are full of anger! Being angry, killing, being insulting has a price. Jesus says, we “must answer for it” (vv 21-22) – to the court, the governing body, and “in hell fire” (v 22). A grim picture indeed!

Jesus teaches us a better way to live. Reconciliation. He gives two examples. In the first example, He says that rather than trying to worship God when someone “has something against you” (v 23; presumably offended by something we have said or done) — go and be reconciled first with the person. Why? Reconciliation with our      fellow human beings makes our worship of God authentic. In the second example, Jesus tells us to come to terms with your opponent in good time” (v 25). Why? To save ourselves from landing in prison!

Humility is a virtue that we need to cultivate. It will enable us — to apologise when we are in the wrong, seek reconciliation when our relationships break down and soften the hearts of our opponents. When we are humble, we will be able to have cool heads to think things through before speaking and acting. In this way, we will not react with anger, insulting words or murderous deeds. We will not be defensive or offensive. And we will be enabled to live according to God’s will.

Lord, help us listen and obey what You are teaching us today. Help us live according to Your will – to live in peace and love with all.

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