26th Week in Ordinary Time : Thursday 1st October 2020

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St Therese of the Child Jesus

26th Week in Ordinary Time : Thursday 1st October 2020

Job 19:21-27; Ps. 26:7-9,13-14;
Lk. 10:1-12

Many people are crushed by suffering, misfortune, and tribulation. Often, we cannot change what happens to us, but we can control how we respond to the situation.

Job was such an individual — he did not know why he was suffering, but he persevered. Job refused to give up hope, and here he cries out that he knows that his redeemer lives and that he will see God in the land of the living. He meant someone to save him from his situation, but Christians interpreted this to mean Jesus Christ. Regardless of what happens, we are never alone, and the Lord is always there for us.

Jesus appointed seventy of his disciples to heal people and proclaim the kingdom of God. He forbade them to take anything with them — God would provide what they needed.

Can we imagine them going on a trip with nothing, not even money? This required absolute trust on their part. The disciples were to bless with peace, but not wait around to see the results. They were to keep moving.

We are challenged to lighten ourselves of excessive possessions and burdens. It is an invitation to greater freedom and service to God’s kingdom as missionary disciples.

Lord, help me to simplify my life.

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