5th Week of Lent (C) : Monday 4th April 2022

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Lord, help me not to judge by outward appearances but with the heart and the spirit

5th Week of Lent (C) : Monday 4th April 2022

Dan. 13:1-9,15-17,19-30,33-62;
Ps. 22:1-4,5,6; Jn. 8:12-20 (Ps Wk I)

To be unjustly and wrongly accused is a terrible experience. We can wonder if there is any justice in the world. Susannah was falsely accused by two conniving men because she refused to submit to their desires. She faced the death penalty, but she stood her ground and placed her trust in God, who sent Daniel to unmask the lies of her tormentors. Our lives must always stand for truth and goodness. We will not be put to shame.

Jesus proclaimed Himself the light of the world. He also insisted that if people knew Him, they would know the Father. Jesus does not look like the Father in physical appearance, for God is Spirit. Jesus is how we encounter God, but in a human way. God is love, God is light, and Jesus is the same.

But people judge by outward appearances, and Jesus challenged them to judge correctly and wisely – with the heart and the spirit. Things are never as they seem, and seeing with the heart will open a whole new world to us and illuminate our minds and souls.

Lord, help me to perceive with the heart.

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