2nd Sunday of Lent (B) : 28th February 2021

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This is my beloved Son, listen to Him!

2nd Sunday of Lent (B) : 28th February 2021

Gen. 22:1-2,9,10-13,15-18; Ps. 115:10,15,
16-17,18-19; Rom. 8:31-34; Mk. 9:2-10 (Ps Wk II)

Some time ago, Jesus had spoken to his disciples about his suffering and death. At that time, Peter had remonstrated Jesus, but Jesus strongly rebuked him.

Now, as Peter journeys up the mountain with Jesus, many questions could have been running through his mind. “Why did Jesus speak about his death?” “If it is true, then what is the use of following Jesus? After all, he’s going to die.”

Later, at the top of the mountain, Peter receives an amazing insight. He sees Jesus transformed and catches a glimpse of the anticipated glory of the Risen Lord. He also hears the voice of God who reminds him: “This is my beloved Son, listen to Him!” The experience makes him realise that the suffering and death of Jesus was in accordance with God’s will. It was not what humanity wanted Jesus to do, but what Jesus wanted to do for humanity.

As we journey into another Season of Lent, it seems as though we are struggling with the same weaknesses and sins as we did last year. “So, why celebrate another Lent?” “What is the purpose of fasting, giving alms and praying?” “After all, nothing changes.”

In reality, Lent is not about how successful we are in giving up things for God — be it food, drink, pleasure and so on. It is not about what we can or want to do for God but what God can and wants to do for us. God wishes to reveal more intimately His love and mercy to us during this special time.

Lord, let Your will, not mine, be done.

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