1st Sunday of Lent (B) : 21st February 2021

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The future belongs to God and those who walk in God's ways... whom do you serve?

1st Sunday of Lent (B) : 21st February 2021

Gen. 9:8-15; Ps. 24:4-5,6,7,8-9;
1 Pt. 3:18-22; Mk. 1:12-15 (Ps Wk I)

The beautiful rainbow is a perpetual sign of God’s covenant with all humanity. God seemed reconciled to human weakness and vowed never to destroy the earth by water again. What had happened to all the people that were drowned in the flood? According to an ancient tradition, they were kept in a spiritual prison. It is more likely that God was more merciful than that. In the New Testament, the author of 1 Peter insisted that Jesus descended to the realm of death and preached to those souls in prison, thereby setting them free. In other words, God never leaves anyone behind — no one is expendable. God’s salvation is for all, living or dead.

The opening proclamation of the ministry of Jesus is charged with importance. The time is fulfilled; the day has arrived. Change your hearts and minds and believe in the Good News — the Kingdom of God has arrived. God is coming in a big way to take control of the world and establish justice. From now on, the world will be under new management — that of the Lord Jesus. The world’s evil systems and rulers are living on borrowed time — the future belongs to God and those who walk in God’s ways. We should not be attached to any earthly institution or structure. Each day we ask ourselves,  ‘Whom do I serve?’

Lord, may I always serve You alone.

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