5th Week of Lent : Thursday 2nd April 2020

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Do you truly believe in Jesus? Do you believe that he is your Saviour?

5th Week of Lent : Thursday 2nd April 2020

Gen. 17:3-9; Ps. 105(104):4-5,6-7,8-9;
Jn. 8:51-59 (Ps Wk I)

The person of Abraham comes to the fore in the scripture readings today. Formerly known as Abram, he is the one with whom God makes a unique covenant, that is, to give him many descendants. The covenant with God meant something has now changed in Abram’s life as symbolised by the change of his name to Abraham.

It signified the new relationship he shared with God. It is a relationship which will be enjoyed not only by him but also by his descendants. For their part, Abraham and his descendants are required to walk in God’s presence, to be blameless and to practise circumcision. Besides, it will be an everlasting covenant, a special privilege given only to Abraham and his descendants.

It is no wonder that the Jews at the time of Jesus were scandalised when Jesus, who himself was a descendant of Abraham, seems to claim that he is greater than Abraham. Even worse, Jesus also has the audacity to put himself on equal footing with God. No wonder they picked up stones to throw at him. They were so angry that they wanted to put him to death.

It would be easy for us today, to view the attitude of the Jews of the time of Jesus as being scandalous. How could they not believe in Jesus? Did they not know that he is the Son of God, and therefore, greater than Abraham? Perhaps, this is an excellent time to ask ourselves about our own belief in Jesus. Do we truly believe in Jesus? Do we believe that he is our Saviour?

Lord, help me believe.

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