Monday of Holy Week : 6th April 2020

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Lord, strengthen and protect us in our weakness.

Monday of Holy Week : 6th April 2020

Is. 42:1-7; Ps. 27(26):1,2,3,13-14;
Jn. 12:1-11 (Ps Wk II)

The Servant of the Lord is the Messiah, the Chosen One of God (Is. 42:2), Whom God has designated to be the “Covenant” of the Jewish people and a “Light” for the Gentiles, the non-Jews (v 6).

The Servant was chosen to “bring justice to the nations” (Is. 42:1); to be gentle with the weak (v 3); to “open the eyes of the blind, to free captives from prison” and to release from the dungeon “those who live in darkness” (v 7).

As we meditate on Isaiah 42:1-7, let us ask ourselves some questions. When did we seek justice and instead was filled with hopelessness? When have we sinned and felt spiritually weak? When were we blinded, imprisoned and lived in increasing darkness because of our materialistic lifestyle, disordered desires, and addictions, and are now filled with deep despair?

The Servant has come for all the trying times we have with justice; for all the wrong turns we have taken, and for all the sins we have committed — for “He does not break the crushed reed, nor quench the wavering flame” (v 3).

He will be faithful, unwavering, and courageous to give us due to justice; and to gently help us up on our feet again — because of His great compassion for us. Today, let us not be afraid to call upon God. God will surely listen. God will surely answer — in God’s time, and in God’s way.

All-powerful God, by the suffering and death of Your Son, strengthen and protect us in our weakness.

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