Holy Thursday : 1st April 2021

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Lord, open my heart to serve others humbly and joyfully

Holy Thursday : 1st April 2021

Ex. 12:1-8,11-14; Ps. 115:12-13,15-16,
17-18; 1 Cor. 11:23-26; Jn. 13:1-15

The Passover was a celebration of God liberating the Israelites from slavery. The entire people took part; no one was denied a portion because of their poverty. The blood on the doorposts ensured that the angel of death would pass by Israelite dwellings so no one would be harmed.

This Passover has remained the core celebration of the Jewish faith until this very day. It bound them together as one people then just as it does now.

The Lord’s Supper — the Eucharist — serves a similar role for Christians. It is the bedrock of our faith and church life, for it celebrates our liberation from the bondage of sin. It is never a private devotion, but one in which we celebrate the presence of God communally and with one mind and heart. Negativity, selfishness, and division have no part in it.

Jesus shocked his disciples by washing their feet. That was a job reserved for the lowest slave in the house, so the image of the Lord performing that task left them speechless. Peter wanted no part of it, but Jesus insisted that this was the model of discipleship and that if he refused, he could not be a disciple.

We are given countless opportunities each day to serve others humbly and joyfully.

Lord, may I become a servant of all.

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