HOLY SATURDAY : 3rd April 2021

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Lord Jesus, help me to persevere as your faithful follower

HOLY SATURDAY : 3rd April 2021

Gen. 1:12:2; 22:1-18; Ex. 14:15 15:1;
Is. 54:5-14; Is. 55:1-11; Rom. 6:3-11; Mk. 16:1-7

The readings at tonight’s Easter Vigil lead us on a scriptural journey where each reading reminds us of God’s tremendous love for His people. The story of creation, of Abraham and the Red Sea crossing, reminds us about trusting in God’s blessings and providence. The readings from the prophets Isaiah, Baruch and Ezekiel reveal God’s everlasting faithfulness to His Covenant, His promise that He will save His people. The passage from Romans reminds us that as Jesus was raised by the Father and enjoys a new relationship with his Father, we also share this new way of life.

Yet, in reading the Gospel passage, we are left wondering. “They said nothing to anyone, for they were afraid” (16:8). This is how the passage ends. The women respond to the wonderful news of Jesus’ resurrection with fear. What is the meaning of this for us?

The evangelist, Mark, now challenges us to take the place of the women at the empty tomb. They failed to carry out the young man’s mission orders, “clothed in a white robe.” Mark wants us to take their place and spread the good news that God has brought life from death by raising Jesus from the dead. He wants us to do so without fear and trembling of the three women. It is as though Mark is telling us: “It is for you this Gospel has been written! Persevere as faithful followers of the Jesus I have presented to you. His resurrection is not the end!”

Lord, help me take up the challenge.

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