GOOD FRIDAY : 2nd April 2021

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Thank you Jesus, our Lord and Master for the suffering and dying for our sins

GOOD FRIDAY : 2nd April 2021

Is. 52:13 -- 53:12; Ps. 30:2,6,12-13,15-16,17,25;
Heb. 4:14-16; 5:7-9;
Jn. 18:1--19:42

The passage in the first reading forms part of what is known as the “Servant Song”. Christians have traditionally seen in this passage a prophecy of the passion of Jesus. It speaks of a Servant who is transformed from a state of extreme humiliation to glory.

The Servant was delivered up to death and even counted among the wicked, although he had done nothing wrong. His life was given as a sacrifice for the sins of others. The key idea here is that the sufferings of the righteous can bear the sins of others.

For Christians, the Servant is best exemplified by Jesus, whose suffering and death are understood as a sacrifice for others’ sins. No wonder the writer of Hebrews introduces Jesus as the high priest, whose “once-for-all” sacrifice of himself atones for the sins of all humanity.

The Gospel passage presents to us the solemn events leading to the suffering and death of Jesus. It is Jesus who is in control, fully aware of what is going to happen to him. Jesus who is seen as the master of the situation takes the initiative in the events, and under interrogation, he puts the questions and dominates the dialogue.

It is clear that throughout the tragic and humiliating events experienced by him, Jesus is still the Lord and Master of the lives of all who are involved, including those who are responsible for his suffering and death.

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