Tuesday after Epiphany : 4th January 2022

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Lord, deepen my love for others

Tuesday after Epiphany : 4th January 2022

1 Jn. 4:7-10; Ps. 71:1-4,7-8;
Mk. 6:34-44 (Ps Wk II)

John reveals that God is love, and in God, there is no darkness. Since God is love, all love is from Him. Our time on earth is for learning the lessons of love from God and experiencing it. It is only by loving that we know God. We cannot manipulate, buy, or reason our way to God – love is the path that leads us home to God. By loving, we are reborn in God as children of the Most High. And this love is not just warm feelings. It is a hard taskmaster and is very practical.

Love is shown in deeds, not words, especially in how we treat others.  We are called to love even those who are difficult to love. This love was shown in the compassion that Jesus had for the 5,000 gathered before him.

With just five loaves and two fish, He fed them all. It was not magic; it was limitless divine love in action. Jesus challenged his followers to feed the crowd – He wanted to see if they understood his teachings. Loving enables miraculous things to happen to us and through us, but our hearts and intentions must be pure.

Lord, deepen my love for others.

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