5th Week of Easter : Monday 16th May 2022

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Lord, may You be Blessed

5th Week of Easter : Monday 16th May 2022

Act 14:5-18; Ps. 113b,1-2,3-4,15-16;
Jn. 14:21-26 (Ps Wk I)

Today’s Gospel text continues Jesus’ ‘farewell discourse’ to His disciples after He washed their feet at the last supper. They have lived intimately with Jesus for months, and they will soon need to discover another way of living, with the risen and living Christ who will have ascended to the Father.

So far, Jesus has been teaching and explaining God’s actions in the world in the light of the intimate relationship between the Father and the Son. Now Jesus introduces us further ‘into’ the divine family: the presence of God in us in the post-Ascension time is due to another Person, the Holy Spirit.

Now, under the direction of the Spirit, we enter into the mysteries of the Divine Persons who share everything and who are the one and only God. The Holy Spirit is ‘God who communicates’. The Holy Spirit consolidates Intelligence, deepens Wisdom and bestows on us Memory that we may bear witness to Jesus the Christ and, in all things, to love and to serve.

May the Triune God be blessed!

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