Thursday within Easter Octave : 16th April 2020

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Lord, help us to see our suffering and struggles as part of your divine plan

Thursday within Easter Octave : 16th April 2020

Acts 3:11-26; Ps. 9(8):2,5,6-7,8-9;
Lk. 24:35-48 (Psalter proper)

Sometimes law-abiding and pious people can do terrible things through ignorance and misunderstanding. Peter made it clear to the crowds that they had killed the author of life — Jesus — despite all the wonderful things he had done. They had been afraid, fearful of change.

When God raised Jesus from the dead, God confirmed all that Jesus had said and done. He put his seal of approval on Jesus for all to see. The crowds were given another chance to accept Jesus, and many did. We should be careful about attacking others and rejecting new ideas — we might be shutting our minds and hearts to the word of God.

The appearance of Jesus in the upper room both overjoyed and frightened the apostles. They believed, and yet they still doubted — in other words, they were like us! Jesus had to prove he wasn’t a ghost — ghosts don’t eat! But the most important part was his explanation of his suffering: these things had to happen; they were part of the divine plan, and all the Scriptures bore witness to him. Our own suffering and struggles are stepping stones to eternity with God if we accept them with love and patience.

 Lord, help me to endure suffering patiently.

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