Friday within Easter Octave : 9th April 2021

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Lord, help to spend a happy and holy hour with you

Friday within Easter Octave : 9th April 2021

Acts 4:1-12; Ps. 117:1-2,4,22-24,25-27;
Jn. 21:1-14 (Psalter proper)

What a difference a few days can make in a person’s life. On Good Friday and Holy Saturday, Peter must have spent a bad two days, racked by remorse and shame because of his disloyalty to Jesus. However, he was purified by the searing exposure of his own weakness and by the healing grace of Christ’s re-entry into his life as glorified Saviour.

In the first reading, Peter calmly and respectfully presents his arguments to the Jewish leaders. He appeals to them to recognise Christ as the one who, despite appearances to the contrary, was God’s promised gift to the people of Israel. While not convinced, the Jewish leaders were so nonplussed by Peter’s confidence that they postponed a head-on clash with him.

In the Gospel, we are back at the Sea of Tiberias or Galilee. That day was as happy as any of the many happy days they spent there. Peter’s natural confidence has been restored and, in the presence of his beloved Master, he takes the lead once more.

We can’t all be leaders, and we can’t all be bursting with self-confidence all the time. All of us have failed to be as loyal to Christ as we should have been. But all of us can meet Christ in a purifying and strengthening encounter. We can spend a happy and holy hour with Peter and Jesus.

Lord, you know everything; You know that I love You.

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