4th Week of Easter : Thursday 7th May 2020

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Lord, help us embrace the ‘cross’ in our lives

4th Week of Easter : Thursday 7th May 2020

Acts 13:13-25; Ps. 89(88):2-3,21-22,25,27;
Jn. 13:16-20 (Ps Wk IV)

In the first reading (Acts 13) we see the giftedness and leadership in Paul as he reminded the people the journey their ancestors experienced from the beginning of their journey out of Egypt till the time of Jesus who came as the Saviour and brought salvation to both Jews and Gentiles. This experience of God’s saving power throughout human history is still being revealed today.

In the same manner, Jesus used the event of the “Washing of the Feet” to remind his disciples of the importance of the spirit of servanthood in true discipleship. As Easter people, we are called to be God’s co-workers bearing the message of servant discipleship to all.

As God’s co-workers, Jesus gave His mission to his disciples and now to us as His followers. So Jesus’ mission is our mission today. This mission means that true discipleship entails suffering.

It is only after the cross that the disciples would grasp the deeper symbolism of the action of the “washing of the feet”.

Today we are challenged to embrace the ‘cross’ in our lives and to have the faith to see beyond the temporary suffering, which will lead us to the joy of the Resurrection.

Lord, grant us the grace to live the spirit of  servanthood so that we will be able to follow You closely.

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