3rd Week of Easter : Monday 19th April 2021

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St Stephen, intercede for us to become stronger believers in Christ

3rd Week of Easter : Monday 19th April 2021

Acts 6:8-15; Ps. 118:23-24,26-27,29-30;
Jn. 6:22-29 (Ps Wk III)

Stephen is chosen to help spread the message of Jesus Christ. He is chosen because he is a man full of faith and the Holy Spirit. The Spirit sustains Stephen when his words are met with resistance, and he is eventually imprisoned with false charges. His adversaries “found they could not stand up against him because of his wisdom, and the Spirit that prompted what he said” (Acts 6:10).

Stephen is brought in for questioning by those who could not tolerate his message “the members of the Sanhedrin all looked intently at Stephen, and his face appeared to them like the face of an angel” (Acts 6:15).   Despite the adversity he faced from the community, Stephen remained faithful to the message of Christ.  He remained humble in spirit and forgave his accusers, even up to the point of his death by stoning.

Stephen could have called out Psalm 119:23 [118:23]. We read, ‘Though princes sit plotting against me, your servant keeps pondering your will.’ It is not an everyday conversation to hear someone admit to listening to God’s Spirit in his or her life.  We can be encouraged and renewed by today’s Psalm.

So, let us seek out the Spirit and be stronger and be better able to face life’s challenges. God’s Spirit is for real.

Maybe for us, we could do the more important work if we could become stronger believers in Christ and His Spirit each day.

Lord, grant us Your Spirit. Amen.

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