2nd Week of Easter : Tuesday 21st April 2020

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Lord, give me the gift of Your Spirit

2nd Week of Easter : Tuesday 21st April 2020

Acts 4:32-37; Ps. 93(92):1-2,5; Jn. 3:7-15 (Ps Wk II)

Human strife begins when we say, ‘This is mine! You can’t have it!’ When there is gross inequality in society, we shouldn’t be surprised that there are crimes and unrest. The early Christians had a solution that was inspired by the teachings of Jesus and the experience of the Spirit: share what you have. There was no poverty or need in their community, so there was no reason for jealousy or resentment. Being open-handed and generous is an expression of love. We can practice it as individuals, as a church, and as a society, and when we do, the results are heartening and dramatic. But let us begin with ourselves!

Nicodemus was puzzled. What did Jesus mean by insisting that one must be ‘born from above’ to see the kingdom of God? Human beings have natural limitations. We are formed by our experiences, education, and culture. For us to understand God and heavenly things, we need a gift from above: The Spirit. This gift opens our minds and hearts, freeing us from ignorance, fear, and error. We can begin the journey to God ourselves and even make a bit of progress, but to complete the journey, we must rely more and more on God’s grace and the guidance of the Spirit.

Lord, give me the gift of Your Spirit.

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