2nd Week of Easter : Friday 16th April 2021

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Lord, gift me with Your Spirit

2nd Week of Easter : Friday 16th April 2021

Acts 5:34-42; Ps. 26:1,4,13-14;
Jn. 6:1-15 (Ps Wk II)

People sometimes overreact and so outrageous or stupid things. Perhaps they are motivated by fear or misunderstanding. Rabbi Gamaliel had some good advice that we can all heed: be patient, wait and see. Let things unfold. Things are not always as they seem at first. God often works in new and challenging ways. We don’t want to find out that we have been fighting God! We should never forget that in the 13th century the works of St Thomas Aquinas were condemned three times by overly zealous and rigid individuals. We need to allow God time to reveal himself, so let us not be too quick or dogmatic in our responses to people, ideas, or situations.

Jesus tested his disciples by ordering them to give the people something to eat, but they failed to see the power of God in this request. Jesus took what little they had, blessed it and gave thanks. Not only was there enough to go around but there was more than enough. We often focus on what is lacking, what we do not have. Negativity blocks the creative energy of God. By blessing what we have with gratitude and thanksgiving we allow the love and grace of God to unfold in our lives. God is not stingy; God is gracious. Our present time is marked by a lack of something or fear that often results in suspicion, fear, and aggression. But there is enough for everyone. God will provide for us if we can but put away the fear and doubt. Let us apply this to an area of our lives that we find difficult or challenging.

Lord, grant me a grateful heart.

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