Christmas Day : Wednesday 25th December 2019

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Nativity of Our Lord Jesus

Christmas Day : Wednesday 25th December 2019

Is 52:7-10; Ps. 97(96):1-6, 11-12;
Hebr.1:1-6; Jn 1:1-18 (Psalter proper)

Perhaps we can remember a time when we had some wonderful news to share and we couldn’t wait! We ran and breathlessly blurted out the good news. Isaiah paints a similar picture – someone running across the mountains shouting that God is king and God reigns. How do we proclaim this in our own time?

Words are not always useful, but we need to find a way to communicate the joyful news of God to a hurting and fearful world. After all, the Word, Light, and Love of God have all come into the world in the person of Jesus and become flesh. Our lives should never be the same, and our world should be transformed.

Jesus brought light and the spirit and offers it freely to those who have true faith in him and are willing to receive him into their hearts and minds. Jesus is the reflection of God’s glory, and when we are filled with his spirit and walk in his ways, we too become a reflection.

The birth of the Lord is too important to be merely another liturgical feast. He must be born into our hearts. Everyday is Christmas if we choose to make it so. We too can illuminate our world.

Lord, may You be born in my heart.

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