Chair of Peter, Apostle : Saturday 22nd February 2020

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Chair of Saint Peter, the Apostle

Chair of Peter, Apostle : Saturday 22nd February 2020

1 Pt. 5:1-4; Ps. 23(22):1-3a,3b-4,5,6;
Mt. 16:13-19 (Ps Wk II)

“Simon, Simon! Satan you must know has got his wish to sift you all like wheat; but I have prayed for you, Simon, that your faith may not fail, and, once you have returned, you in your turn must strengthen your brothers,” (Lk. 22:32).

Today’s entrance antiphon, for the Mass, is taken from this passage. It has a spiritual relevance beyond the context of the Last Supper. Space does not allow a full comment here, but a few indications may guide the reader.

Jesus speaks to Peter in a more personal and intimate way, using his own name, Simon, not his “apostolic” name “ter”. He then reminds him that God will be present whatever events happen to draw good out of them.

Jesus then makes a remarkable statement: he has prayed for Simon. This is the only time that Jesus affirms that he prayed for an individual. Moreover, Jesus is confident that his prayer will be answered: Simon possesses strong qualities which will help him to get beyond this crisis and assume a ministry of strengthening his brothers and sisters.

Lord Jesus, pray for us, Your people, that our faith may not fail; may we always be able to strengthen our brothers and sisters.

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