ASCENSION OF THE LORD (A) : Thursday 21st May 2020

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Lord, teach me to be a true disciple

ASCENSION OF THE LORD (A) : Thursday 21st May 2020

Acts 1:1-11; Ps. 47(46):2-3,6-7,8-9;
Eph. 1:17-23; Mt. 28:16-20 (Ps Wk II)

The disciples expected Jesus to re-establish the earthly kingdom of Israel. Not so fast, Jesus warned. God has planned for greater things – stay where you are, and the Spirit will empower you. As he ascended into heaven, the two messengers warned the spectators not to gawk at what they had seen. They were to keep their eyes in the world, where there was still much work to do.  It is in this world that they will encounter Jesus again. Jesus invites us to continue that work, and we will have countless opportunities to meet him each day as we go about our holy labours.

Matthew has a different account of the Ascension, but the message of Jesus is basically the same: “don’t be afraid for I am with you always. Continue the holy work that I have begun.”  He instructs the disciples to share what he has given them. They are to go into the world and spread the teachings, especially those of the beatitudes. These are the tools for creating a just and peaceful world and preparing us for eternity.

Some will accept baptism and consciously become followers of Jesus. Others perhaps will not, but the teachings are for them too. Jesus taught compassion, forgiveness, right speech, right thoughts, humility, non-violence, purity, and a burning desire for peace and justice. These teachings work for everyone, regardless of who they are or what they call themselves.

We cannot make disciples of others unless we ourselves are disciples. We do God’s work most effectively when we begin applying the teachings of Jesus to our own lives.

Lord, teach me to be a true disciple.

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