1st Sunday of Advent (A) : Sunday 1st December 2019

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1st Sunday in Advent

1st Sunday of Advent (A) : Sunday 1st December 2019

Is. 2:15; Ps. 122(121):1-2,4-5,6-7,8-9;
Rom. 13:11-14a; Mt. 4:37-44 (Ps Wk I)

Swords into ploughshares and spears into pruning hooks — what a beautiful prophecy! Can we imagine a time when there will no longer be war between nations? This is God’s intention and dream, but it requires human cooperation. We have a nasty habit of turning the ploughshares back into swords. History rushes on, and the night is far gone. We do not have forever to make up our minds and do something.

Paul urges us to put aside the deeds of darkness now and put on the Lord Jesus Christ. The world we live in is very fragile and in great danger. It is so important that we walk in the ways of God — much depends on each one of us. Matthew warns us to keep awake spiritually — we have to be ready always. Everything that we treasure can be swept aside in an instant; nothing in this world is permanent. Many will not heed warnings, just as the people in the time of Noah.

Our faith is not just about saving ourselves but saving others and saving our world. Let us begin each day by vowing to be a source of hope, encouragement, and enlightenment for others.

Lord, may I always be spiritually awake and ready for service to others.

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