29th Week in Ordinary Time : Monday 21st October 2019

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Lord, help me to choose you always

29th Week in Ordinary Time : Monday 21st October 2019

Rom. 4:20-25; (R. Ps.) Lk. 1:69-70,71-72,73-75;
Lk. 12:13-21 (Ps Wk I)

The Gospel passage describes how Jesus is interrupted in his instruction to the disciples by a man who wants Jesus’ help in acquiring his rightful share in the family inheritance. The man’s request is understandable since it is common for rabbis to be asked by people to act as arbitrators in family disputes. Jesus, however, refuses to play this role. Instead, he takes the opportunity to tell a parable about what it means to be trapped by worldly possessions. The rich man in Jesus’ parable is so wealthy that he does not even have enough room to store his goods. As a result, he plans to build more space to store his grain and goods.

Although such a man may be envied for his wealth by others, Jesus calls him a ‘fool’ because the man thinks that he can control his life. In actuality, he loses his sense of what is really important, namely the condition of his soul. He may be rich in the sight of people, but is poor in God’s sight.  In the first reading, Abraham is used as a model of a person of faith. Unlike the rich man in the parable, Abraham knows where to place his priority, that is, in God’s promises. Even in the face of hardships, he does not deny or even doubt the promises of God. Instead, he draws strength from, and gives glory to God. We too have to decide what is our priority — the things of the world or the God Himself. The choice we make in regards to this may determine who we are in God’s sight.

Lord, may I choose you always.