St Francis of Assisi: Friday 4th October 2019

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Lord, grant that I am not seek to be loved, as to love with all my heart

St Francis of Assisi: Friday 4th October 2019

Bar. 1:15-22; Ps. 79(78):1-2,3-5,8,9;
Lk. 10:13-16 (Ps Wk II)

In today’s readings we hear about communities — collective bodies of individuals from all walks of life. They have followed their “own wicked hearts, served other gods and did evil”. They have failed to recognize God in each other.

In the Book of Baruch we have records of public prayer of penitence and petition. Psalm 79 is another communal lament for the return of God’s favour. And in the Gospel, Jesus chastises whole communities for their rejection of his proclamation of the Kingdom of God.

Jesus also contrasts the Phoenician communities of Tyre and Sidon with the Jewish communities of Chorizen and Bethsaida.

Tyre and Sidon “know” nothing of the God of Israel, nor have they witnessed Jesus’ miracles. Whereas, Chorizen and Bethsaida have the Law and the Prophets. They were foretold about the coming of the Messiah and of God’s Kingdom, yet they failed to acknowledge Jesus and God! The Jews have been given the ability to respond, but still fail to do so. But, Tyre and Sidon were unable to respond because they were ignorant of their responseability.

As Christians we need to accept our response-ability to repent, forgive and reconcile with each other and with God. We have the ability to respond because of our Baptism.

Lord, help us to understand the greatness of Your merciful love. Amen