25th Week in Ordinary Time: Wednesday 25th September 2019

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Trust and rely on God totally

25th Week in Ordinary Time: Wednesday 25th September 2019

Ezr. 9:5-9; (R. Ps) Tob. 13:2,3-4,5,8;
Lk. 9:1-6 (Ps Wk I)

Ezra, a Jewish priest and scribe, led a group of Jewish exiles back to Palestine. He was concerned because they had adopted many of the customs of the Babylonians when living in exile there. They were still married to peoples of other lands rather than remaining faithful to marrying only other Jews.

Ezra’s prayer reflected his understanding that the events of the past exile were punishment for the wrongdoings of the people. Ezra was grateful for the end of the exile, attributing it to the favor of God. He encouraged everyone to return to the way of the Lord, living as a separate and holy people.

Jesus sent the twelve disciples on a mission. They were ready to share in the work of Jesus. Jesus shared his power and authority over demons and diseases. This was not to be a mission highlighting the disciples, but rather highlighting the power of God to heal and sharing the good news of the kingdom of God. So that they would rely totally on God, Jesus commanded them to take nothing for their journey.

They were to trust that God would provide what they needed. If they were not welcomed in a town, Jesus also instructed them to leave and accept no responsibility for that town. The mission was successful as the disciples relied totally on God. Can you think of a time when you relied totally on God?

Lord, help me to trust you and to rely totally on you.