9 Days Novena to Sacred Heart of Jesus: Day 2 – Fri 12th June 2020

The Fisherman’s Mother-in-law

Scripture: The whole town came crowding round the door (Mk 1:33).

No wonder they did. Maybe Peter’s wife had let it out that Jesus had cured her mother.

Flat out on her bed she was, not a stir out of her. A high temperature, no appetite, and the house full of people. Jesus was barely in the door when they told him.

In no time, he had her up and about, stirring pots, setting the table, serving up the dinner. They were barely finished when they heard the commotion outside. Peter drew the curtain.
A glance, a word, and Jesus knew it was time to move.

I was watching Lord. I missed nothing.
So many people eager to be near you. You were patient. You saw the longing in their eyes. Before a word was spoken you knew what to do. And yet you listened to the months and years of pain and distress.
A word, a touch, a prayer to the Father, and they went home to a new life.
Now they are gone, and it’s just you and me. Have you got a few minutes?

(spend some quiet time in prayer with Jesus … speak to Jesus, hear Jesus… feel His Presence with you…)

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place all my trust in you.

Closing Prayer for each day

Lord Jesus, you have said, ‘Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you’. I come to you in faith and trust, in love and hope. Let me know your closeness to me, and your care of me and for all who are dear to me.

My intention for this Novena is dear to me and I know that what is important to me, is important to you. Hear my prayer (mention your intention); grant what I ask, and may I always trust that in all that happens in life, you will be close to me as my friend, guide and saviour. And so…

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place all my trust in you. Amen.


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