The Presentation of the Lord : Wednesday, 2nd February 2022

Daily Word Of God

Luke 2:22-24, 39-40

When the day came for them to be purified as laid down by the Law of Moses, the parents of Jesus took him up to Jerusalem to present him to the Lord – observing what stands written in the Law of the Lord: Every first-born male must be consecrated to the Lord – and also to offer in sacrifice, in accordance with what is said in the Law of the Lord, a pair of turtle-doves or two young pigeons.

When they had done everything the Law of the Lord required, they went back to Galilee, to their own town of Nazareth. Meanwhile the child grew to maturity, he was filled with wisdom; and God’s favour was with him.

Today's Pointers on God's Word

As you read the passage what words, phases or meanings caught your attention?

  • Mary and Joseph observed the Law of Moses faithfully and presented baby Jesus to be consecrated to the Lord.


  • God also expects each of us to follow and fulfill the obligations of the Church e.g. the Sacraments of Baptism, Holy Communion, Reconciliation and the like.  Have we been able to observe them faithfully?


  • The parents of Jesus not only gave Him life through the conception of the Holy Spirit, but also nurtured Him to maturity through a wholesome upbringing. Pray for the grace to be good parents who can hand-down the gift of faith to our children.