31st Week in Ordinary Times : Saturday, 6th November 2021

Daily Word Of God

Luke 16:9-13

Jesus said to his disciples, ‘I tell you this: use money, tainted as it is, to win you friends, and thus make sure that when it fails you, they will welcome you into the tents of eternity. The man who can be trusted in little things can be trusted in great; the man who is dishonest in little things will be dishonest in great. If then you cannot be trusted with money, that tainted thing, who will trust you with genuine riches? And if you cannot be trusted with what is not yours, who will give you what is your very own?

‘No servant can be the slave of two masters: he will either hate the first and love the second, or treat the first with respect and the second with scorn.. You cannot be the slave both of God and of money.’

Today's Pointers on God's Word

As you read the passage what words, phases or meanings caught your attention?

  • In today’s Gospel, Jesus explains that money is “tainted”. This is true.  The way we use money will make the difference between whether we are “tainted” by it or we use it to “help” us live our lives in God’s ways.


  • Thus, the “power” of money can be channelled into doing good or used selfishly only for our own needs.


  • Eternal life is the ultimate goal of our earthly living.  Thus, money is to be used towards helping us live our lives in such a way that every person whom we know will be drawn towards eternal life through us.