19th Week in Ordinary Time : Thursday, 13th August 2020

Daily Word Of God

Matthew 18:23-25a, 27-29a, 30b, 32-35

Jesus said to his disciples: ‘The kingdom of Heaven may be compared to a king who decided to settle his accounts with his servants. When the reckoning began, they brought him a man who owed ten thousand talents; he had no means of paying. And the servant’s master felt so sorry for him that he let him go and cancelled the debt.

Now as this servant went out, he happened to meet a fellow-servant who owed him one hundred denarii; and he seized him by the throat and began to throttle him, saying, “Pay what you owe me.” His fellow-servant fell at his feet and appealed to him. But he had him thrown into prison till he should pay the debt.

Then the master sent for the man and said to him, “You wicked servant, I cancelled all that debt of yours when you appealed to me. Were you not bound, then, to have pity on your fellow-servant just as I had pity on you?” And in his anger the master handed him over to the torturers till he should pay all his debt. And that is how my heavenly Father will deal with you unless you each forgive your brother from your heart.’

Today's Pointers on God's Word

As you read the passage what words, phases or meanings caught your attention?

  • We forgive because Jesus has shown us through His own life how to forgive unconditionally.  Forgiveness is not an option, but a responsibility for the followers of Christ. Forgiveness is also an expression of our love for the Lord.


  • If we want to be happy in our own life, we must learn from the Lord how to be merciful and forgiving towards others just as we want to be forgiven by the Lord.


  • Our faith in the Lord will grow much if we ponder and pray frequently on God’s abundant mercy, love and forgiveness not only for all humankind, but for each of us personally.