3rd Week of Easter: Monday, 6th May 2019

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3rd Week of Easter: Monday

3rd Week of Easter: Monday, 6th May 2019

Acts. 6:8-15; Ps. 119(118):23-24,26-27,29-30; John. 6:22-29 (Ps Wk III)

In today’s Gospel Jesus is not deceived by the crowd’s seeming interest in his sea crossings. He knows that his unexpected arrival has stirred up the pleasing prospect of another free meal in beautiful surroundings. The repetition “Amen, Amen”: or “Truly, Truly” tells us that Jesus is going to say something very important – certainly something more important than the promise of a meal, free or otherwise.

Jesus tells the people quite bluntly that they have failed to break through to the real meaning of his action of feeding them. They have stopped at the obvious, tangible level of food just as, on other occasions, they have merely seen in him one who might possibly bring them power of a political or military kind.

With Moses the people of Israel reached the very border of their new home and nation. In the journey across the desert they were fed by Manna, the wonderful bread from heaven. By the sign of providing the crowd with food on the mountain above Lake Galilee Jesus is promising an even more wonderful food. This food is the sum of his teaching, wonderful actions, suffering, death and resurrection. It will sustain them on their journey to a new and greater Holy Land. Envisaged too is the gift of the Eucharist, the Body and Blood of Christ, an equally powerful food for the journey. This great sign is for us too.

Heavenly Father, open our eyes to the meaning of the signs that really matter.