Most Holy Trinity: Sunday 7th June, 2020

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DGeMs- Daily Gospel eMessage

Dear Friend in the Lord,

Trinity: In today’s Gospel, Jesus explains to Nicodemus that in God’s Mercy, He desires to offer Eternal Salvation to all peoples.  For this Good News to be known, God sent Jesus as the Messiah, and through the Holy Spirit all are enlightened, empowered to enter into a personal relationship with God, and to Glorify Him at all times.

  Fr Philip Heng, S.J.

John 3:16-18

Jesus said to Nicodemus: ‘God loved the world so much that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life.

‘For God sent his Son into the world not to judge the world, but so that through him the world might be saved. No one who believes in him will be judged; but whoever does not believe is judged already, because that person does not believe in the Name of God’s only Son.’