Ordinary Time 33rd Wk : Sunday 17th November, 2019

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DGeMs- Daily Gospel eMessage

Dear Friend in the Lord,

Deception”: In today’s Gospel, Jesus cautions His disciples not to be deceived by those who claim to be the “Messiah”; impersonating Him.  We become more vulnerable to “deception” when our lives are not founded and centred on God.  This is because “deceptions” are distortions and half-truths that appeal to our weaknesses.

Fr Philip Heng, S.J.

Luke 21:5-19

What will the end of the world be like? We are now approaching the end of the liturgical year. The readings today speak to us about the end times.
The Thessalonians believed that the end was near, that Christ would truly come again. Some people, however, took this to mean that there was no longer any need to continue working. Paul encourages Christians to keep living diligently and not simply wait passively for the end of the world. Faith involves prayer…and action.
Jesus tells his followers that they will be persecuted before the end comes. Family and friends will betray them. In fact, followers of Jesus will be hated.

Such troubling words could lead Christians to despair. However, Jesus offers hope. Each experience of persecution is an opportunity to be blessed with the wisdom and eloquence of Jesus himself (Lk. 21:15). It is a chance to rely completely on Jesus. Such reliance is challenging. Sometimes, we may be afraid or feel helpless, but at other times we may think others have misunderstood us. Yet Jesus tells us not to fear. He will care for us. Endurance and faith in Jesus will lead us to eternal life.
Have I ever felt Jesus inspiring me with wisdom?

Lord, when others misunderstand or mock me because of You, bless me with your eloquence, wisdom and care.