Ordinary Time 31st Wk : Tuesday 5th November, 2019

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DGeMs- Daily Gospel eMessage

Dear Friend in the Lord,

Ingratitude: In today’s Gospel parable, all the invited guests to the great banquet gave excuses for not attending.  Jesus is challenging us to look into our hearts to see whether we too are taking God’s goodness and mercy for granted.  Ponder on, “Are we using God’s abundant blessings for the good of others?”

Fr Philip Heng, S.J.

Luke 14:16-18a, 21-24

Jesus said to those gathered round the table, ‘There was a man who gave a great banquet, and he invited a large number of people. When the time for the banquet came, he sent his servant to say to those who had been invited, “Come along: everything is ready now.” But all alike started to make excuses.

The servant returned and reported this to his master. Then the householder, in a rage, said to his servant, “Go out quickly into the streets and alleys of the town and bring in here the poor, the crippled, the blind and the lame.” “Sir,” said the servant, “your orders have been carried out and there is still room.” Then the master said to his servant, ‘Go to the open roads and the hedgerows and press people to come in, to make sure my house is full; because, I tell you, not one of those who were invited shall have a taste of my banquet.”  ’