17th Week in Ordinary Time: Wednesday 31st July 2019

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Saint Ignatius of Loyola, priest and Founder of the Society of Jesuits, also known as Jesuits

17th Week in Ordinary Time: Wednesday 31st July 2019

Ex. 34:29-35; Ps. 99(98):5,6,7,9;
Mt. 13:44-46 (Ps Wk I)

An encounter with the divine can leave us forever changed. After his conversation with God, Moses’ face was so radiant that the people were uneasy and afraid. As much as we seek God, we are still afraid of being too close. Moses must veil himself in their presence, saving his unveiled face for God alone. But there is no reason for fear. In a world that longs for hope and a sign of God’s presence, we must not veil our faces, but allow the inner illumination of God to shine forth brightly. We can do that with word, deed, smile, and kind thought. Our religion is personal, but not private.

With symbols such as the pearl of great price and the buried treasure, Jesus attempts to paint a picture of the Kingdom of Heaven, which is not a place or thing, but a state of being in God’s presence, and totally in harmony with Him. It is our awareness of God within us. It is a process, and we must be willing to commit ourselves to it. We make it our own by our lives of love, service, justice, and wisdom gained from experience. We are presented many opportunities each day to experience this inner treasure in ever deeper and joyful ways. The key is putting the Master’s law of love into practice.

Lord, help us to seek the treasure of Your Kingdom in love and service.