16th Week in Ordinary Time: Wednesday 24th July 2019

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Trust and Praise Him in good and difficulty times - God is always there!

16th Week in Ordinary Time: Wednesday 24th July 2019

Ex. 16:1-5,9-15; Ps. 78(77):18-19,23-24,25-26,27-26;
Mt. 13:1-9 (Ps Wk IV)

It did not take long for the excitement of the dramatic escape from Egypt to wear off. The people of Israel were already complaining! There was not enough to eat, the desert was inhospitable — far better to be slaves in Egypt. They had forgotten the terrible experiences of oppression and cruelty. This is a very human reaction — too often people are happy and praise God when things go well but complain bitterly and without faith when the going gets tough. God continues to provide for their needs, just as God cares for us. Let us praise God in happiness and in difficulty — God is always there.

The sower’s job is in a way thankless — he is seldom present to see the fruits of his work. He scatters the seed but is not responsible for its growth — that depends on the quality of the soil. Likewise, we rarely know what good our words or actions have accomplished — at least immediately. Much will depend on how others receive them and what they do with what has been given. We continue a life of kindness, compassion, and good works, as well as speaking of Jesus. Beware of being cynical, disillusioned, or angry because people don’t seen to respond. We need a lot of patience — and trust in God. Remember, God has so much patience with us! Each day let us scatter the seeds of good works and deeds but with full awareness that God is the one who makes things grow.

Lord, teach me to be patient.