16th Week in Ordinary Time: Sunday 21st July 2019

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Is Christ the centre of your life?

16th Week in Ordinary Time: Sunday 21st July 2019

Gen. 18:1-10a; Ps. 15(14):2-4,5;
Col. 1:24-28; Lk. 10:38-42 (Ps Wk IV)

When we read the story in today’s gospel passage, it would be natural for us to appreciate what Martha is trying to do in offering service to Jesus. We would also understand why Martha is unhappy that her sister, Mary, is not helping her with the tasks, as well as why she asks Jesus to order Mary to assist her. Most of us would think what Martha is doing and asking to be quite normal. However, Jesus does not think this way. He does not settle for a normal solution but instead, goes to the heart of the problem. It is not that Martha has too much to do but that she is “distracted” with much serving. That is, she is busying herself with matters which are unneedful.

While loving service is an important characteristic of a follower of Jesus, it is not the main priority. Christian discipleship is first and foremost, a personal adherence to Jesus. It means having to set aside time to be in his presence and to listen to his word. Mary exemplifies this by attending to Jesus and listening to his word. It is only from this relationship that genuine loving service for neighbour emerges. The story of Mary and Martha, therefore, draws us back to the most fundamental value of being a missionary disciple, namely, the very person of Jesus, our Lord, and the teaching that he imparts. Therefore, to be a servant does not only mean we must be busy going about doing good works. More importantly, it is to make Christ the centre of our lives.

Lord, make me Your servant.