Fri 9th March 2018
3rd Week of Lent

Hos. 14:2-10
Ps. 81(80):6-9,10-11,14,17
Mk. 12:28-34   (Ps Wk III)

What comes across in today's readings is that the people of God need to recognize who God is and reverence God — God Who is loving, forgiving, and ever blessing.  Therefore, if we have sinned — we need to humble ourselves, repent, return to God, and walk anew in God’s ways. Not only will God forgive but God will bless, and bless abundantly. Historically, Israel sinned by trusting in — the foreign powers (Assyria, Egypt); their military might (horses); and their idols (product of their hands). So, God promised them through the prophet Hosea, that if they return to God, they will be forgiven and will be greatly blessed by God. The Psalm continues this theme by urging the people to “listen”, “to heed” God’s words (vv 8, 13).

The acronym “TGIF” often translates into “Thank God It’s Friday”. The Church has put a spin on it — “Today, God Is First.” May our observance of Lent this year, increasingly re-orientate us always to put God first in our lives.

Lord, help me to love You with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength.