Fri 5th Jan 2018
Weekday of Christmas

1 Jn. 3:11-21
Ps. 100(99):2,3,4,5
Jn. 1:43-51     (Ps Wk I)

In the gospel today we encounter an honest sceptic, Nathanael. He doubts anything good can come from Nazareth but remains open-minded. He admits the possibility of being surprised. And he is! Jesus says that Nathanael is without guile (or duplicity — depending on the translation). With Nathanael what we see is what we get. Paired with the first reading, we Christians are challenged to consider how honest and authentic we are in all of our dealings.

While exercising due caution and/or scepticism, do we authentically love one another? Are we willing to be surprised? Are we willing to allow people to change or experience conversion? Are we willing to truly follow Jesus and lay down our lives for our friends, for our neighbours and even our enemies? Is there any hatred in our hearts? Do we share what we have with those in need? Are our consciences clear and our lives free from duplicity so that we can truly say that we love in deed and in truth and not just with our lips?

As we continue to celebrate the Incarnation – the birth of the Christ-child – and look forward to his manifestation to the world through the adoration of the Magi, we have to ask ourselves if the world sees angels descending and ascending through the way we Christians make Christ present in the world, that is, by the way we love one another. With God’s grace may people say about us: “See how they love.”

Lord, let our love be sincere.