Wed 3rd Jan 2018
Weekday of Christmas

1 Jn. 2:29-3:6
Ps. 98(97):1,3-4,5-6
Jn. 1:29-34     (Ps Wk I)

In the Gospel passage, we read how John the Baptist communicates to the people what he himself “saw” and experienced in faith through the gift of God. That is, John received in a divine revelation in the form of a vision, a sign through which he recognizes the mystery of Jesus, namely Jesus is the Messiah and the Lamb of God. Therefore, John’s witness to Jesus consists in proclaiming that Jesus existed from eternity, and it is on Jesus that the Spirit “remains” and it is Jesus who fulfills the promise that in the days of the Messiah, God will pour out his Spirit who will cleanse, sanctify, and bring true knowledge to God and make his people holy. 

This is why the author of first letter of John says that we are proven to be God’s children by the holiness of our lives. The more, by the Spirit, we see God as he is, the more we are moulded into his likeness, and we become more intimately his children. Therefore, for Christians, looking at God is as though we are looking into a mirror, where our own image is reflected, but with a divine configuration. As God’s children, we will bear the family resemblance to God. The two questions we are invited to ask ourselves today are “Is Jesus truly my Messiah?” and “Do I really consider myself a child of God?” The answers to these questions will reveal how we “see” Jesus in our lives, and how we “see” ourselves in relation to God, the Father.

Lord, help me to “see” who I am in You.