Fri 10th Nov 2017
31st Week in Ordinary Time (A)
St Leo The Great, pope & doctor

Rom. 15:14-21
Ps. 98(97):1,2-4
Lk. 16:1-8   (Ps Wk III)

Paul let us in on his secret — where he got his energy and drive to do so much. It was simple: he was filled with joy and amazement at the mercy of God and how God wanted to include the Gentiles in the plan of salvation. Paul wanted everyone to understand this and he tried his best to carry that news to anyone who would listen — and even to those who would not! If only we could be as ‘on fire’ with the desire to reach out and be a source of hope and encouragement to others. Our faith is only faith if it is passed on to others.

Luke’s Jesus used the example of a crooked and dishonest manager to make his spiritual point. Why? Are we supposed to be dishonest too? He used this character because it would have been familiar to his listeners — they were constantly victimized by a corrupt and brutal economic and political system. The point of the manager is that he did not ‘play the victim,’ just sitting there until events overtook him. He was enterprising and shrewd — he made sure that after his dismissal there would be grateful folks willing to return the favors he had done for them.

Jesus made the point that we should use our time and money wisely today, so that our friends in the future — at the resurrection — will be those whom we have helped. Each day we are given opportunities to use our time, money, energy, and resources wisely — let us not ignore them.

Lord, help me to choose wisely.