Sun 8th Oct 2017
27th Week in Ordinary Time (A)

Is. 5:1-7
Ps. 80(79):9,12,13-14,15-16,19-20
Phil. 4:6-9
Mt. 21:33-44    (Ps Wk III)

“The stone which the builders rejected has become the cornerstone.” The first reading and the Gospel are interwoven in a nice theme, namely “rejection”.  Rejection of any kind is very disheartening and it is much more so when it comes to love and compassion. When a person refuses love and compassion shown to him or her, the one who tries to show it feels terribly rejected and hurt.

In the Gospel today Jesus symbolically brings out the story of human beings' rejection of God's unconditional love and compassion offered through his only Son our Lord Jesus Christ. In the first reading, through the mouth of Isaiah, God expresses his grief at being rejected by human beings.

The beauty of God’s unconditional love and compassion is that, after having experienced human hatred, anger and rejection, Jesus becomes the source of grace, of love, compassion and acceptance for us, the fallen human race. In our daily lives, too, God comes to us with immense love and compassion through various persons and events in our lives. We need to recognize God’s loving and compassionate presence in our lives. Let’s learn to respect those who love and show compassion to us.

Lord, grant us the grace to accept and grow in Your love and compassion in our daily lives.